AB Surveillance Solutions products solutions FAQ about us FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How much do you charge for your services? We at AB Surveillance Solutions take pride in our willingness to use every resource possible to solve any surveillance problem you may have, big, medium, or small. Since every one of our Solutions is unique, our prices will vary depending on the unique-ness of the Solution we have devised based on size and complexity of your problem. For more info, use the capabilities of your internet browser application to go to first page and click "how to get a quote!"
  2. What kinds of services do you offer? Great question. We offer a variety of high tech and high def Solutions for various types of surveillance problems and needs. For more info on our Solutions, use your web program to navigate back to our first page and then click "ask us a quote!"
  3. I have a really really difficult surveillance problem, can you solve it? Yes! We have never encountered a problem too big or too small to solve. All of our Solutions come with a lifetime guarantee. Our technicians are dedicated to the solution of your problem and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the entire lifespan of your problem, with no exceptions. (The lifespan of some problems may exceed that of our technicians, this is perfectly normal.) To get a quote just go back to front page and push "quote me".
  4. What if I accidentally fall while installing one of your cameras? Installation is included in all of our Solutions, so this shouldn't be a problem. Since a technician will be monitoring the status of your address at all times there is a very low chance of anything arising without our knowledge. And if you happen to fall for other reasons don't worry -- we'll be watching! If you're still afraid of falling just type IM FALLING into you internet browsers sidekeys and that will let us know that you're afraid. For more info press backspace and step your mouse on "Quote quote quote".
  5. Do I have to be the owner of the property I want to survey? We at AB Video Solutions are not legally allowed to ask you anything about the address you choose for the installation of your Solution package. The address is entirely up to you, but WHERE the cameras get installed--well that's up to us! If you need more information about the answer to this question please go into your internet history and visit the page you were at immediately before this page. Once there just mouse over "Easy quotes".
  6. What happens if I accidentally set off one of the alarms? Since our alarms can only be heard by Alpha Customer 1, we are not legally obligated to alert the police or fire department during the event of a sound-release. If for any reason you would like us to send an emergency technician to your location, go to the Main Camera 1 in Room 1 and make large lateral movements with your head while reciting your personalized Alert Command. To disable alarm please have a Beta Custumer enact the Main Quieting Gesture Sequence in front of any camera at the address. Once the full sequence is complete, all alarms will be disabled. To reenable, have Beta Customer repeat the MQGS in reverse sequence.
  7. I just had a Solution installed in my home, do I have to do anything? Yes, you have to enjoy yourself! We encourage our customers to exist fully in their Solution without holding back. Just know that we are in there with you 100%, we're fully committed and we'll never let you down. So just lie back, relax, and enjoy the safety and comfort that comes from knowing that all of your surveillance problems are gone forever.